This sub/dub comparison is currently being reposted from the Pretty Cure Wiki. You can read the whole comparison here.

I’ve decided to make a comparison between Smile Pretty Cure! and its English counterpart, Glitter Force. From the title alone, one can tell that there are a lot of differences between the Japanese and English versions of the show. This has turned off a good number of Pretty Cure fans, and for understandable reasons; while there are some good dubs out there, there are also some dubs that dumb down, censor, Americanize, and overall ruin the original Japanese version. As a huge Pretty Cure fan, though, I have high hopes for both versions of the show. I’m excited to see how this will turn out!

So, what is Smile Pretty Cure!? It’s the ninth season of Pretty Cure, a franchise that has been going strong from 2004 to today. Don’t worry – almost every Pretty Cure season takes place in its own continuity, so you can watch this season by itself and understand everything. Every season of Pretty Cure, including Smile Pretty Cure!, centers around a team of magical girls defending both our world and a fantasy world from forces of evil. Pretty Cure differentiates itself from other shows of its type by including physical combat and some lesbian subtext.

This season is about a fairy named Candy finding five girls called Pretty Cure (called the Glitter Force in the dub) to protect the fairy-tale world of Märchenland (called Jubiland in the dub) from the evil Bad End Kingdom (called the Shadow Realm in the dub), which wants to create the “Worst Ending” by collecting Bad Energy on Earth. Candy and the girls need to collect Cure Décor (called Glitter Charms in the dub) in order to revive the Queen.

How is Glitter Force going to be different from its Japanese counterpart, and how will it remain the same? Will it be a faithful dub, or even superior? Or will it end up disgracing Smile Pretty Cure!? There’s only one way to find out. Let’s begin!

Want to follow along? Normally, I’d advise you to watch Glitter Force legally on Netflix instead of pirating it, but right now, Netflix is hosting literal child porn on their site (more information here). If you want to boycott Netflix but still want access to some glittery goodness, you can pirate Glitter Force here and here.

Unfortunately, to legally watch Smile Pretty Cure!, you have to buy all the DVDs, which cost almost $600 – and that’s before shipping. These DVDs don’t even come with subtitles. Most fans watch Pretty Cure by using unofficial streaming sites to watch them for free, as there is no feasible alternative. Most of these sites contain lewd, inappropriate ads, but you’ll be safe with and, as long as you use an adblocker. Have fun!