What are Sub/Dub Comparisons?

If you aren’t fluent in Japanese, there are two ways that you can watch anime. The first is a sub, where you watch the anime with the original Japanese dialogue and subtitles that translate that dialogue into your language. The second is a dub, which has no subtitles and instead directly replaces the Japanese dialogue with English dialogue.

Whether subs or dubs are better is usually a matter of personal taste. Nowadays, they tend to be equally faithful to the original Japanese version. However, there are some dubs out there that change a lot of aspects of the original. These are usually either dubs of kids’ shows or older, and they change things to try to make the anime more digestible or acceptable for non-Japanese audiences. There are a lot of changes that can be made, from changing Japanese names to English ones, to editing away Japanese text, to moving or cutting scenes, to changing dialogue. Sometimes, this does succeed; other times, it just waters down the original for no good reason. Whatever the case, it can be really fun to learn how exactly the dub differs from the original Japanese version. What edits are made, and how many are there? Every episode is a new adventure!