Vanquishing evil with the light of truth! I’m Glitter Informer!

I got my start on the Pretty Cure Wiki, where I created a comparison between Smile Pretty Cure, a 2012 anime, and its English dub, Glitter Force. Glitter Force is very divisive in the Pretty Cure fandom, but at the time, there was no sub/dub comparison, so it was hard to tell what to think about it.

Now, it’s basically my thing to do sub/dub comparisons: comparing non-English shows with their English dubs. I used to just do this on the Pretty Cure Wiki because Pretty Cure was all I covered. Now that I’ve decided to branch out and cover other shows, I plan to upload comparisons here instead. On the Pretty Cure Wiki, you can only write about Pretty Cure, but on your personal blog, you can write about anything!

I hope you enjoy reading through all that I’ve written!

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